Natural Oil Blend Set

  • When Argan, Coconut and Moringa oils are combined their effectiveness are maximized for instant results.

    Our unique Natural Oil Blend allows for faster, deeper and more complete absorption which helps to transform dry, coarse and unruly hair into soft and shiny, more manageable tresses while helping to protect against environmental damage.

    These products are sulfate & paraban free. Suitable for all hair types

    Argan Oil: Today’s most popular natural oil in the beauty industry, Argan Oil is proven to make hair soft, silky and shiny. It also helps treat split ends and tame frizzy hair.

    Coconut Oil: Its numerous benefits include hydrating and repairing hair, generating hair growth, adding volume and shine.

    Moringa Oil: Its countless benefits include retaining moisture and hydrating hair. Moringa Oil moisturizes the scalp to help fight dandruff, while rejuvenating the scalp making your hair stronger and helps prevents split ends.


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